If you're interested in a career in programmable hardware soliutions, Flex Logix is right for you. 

Flex Logix's Technologies:

EFLX eFPGA: Most Popular and Fastest Growing eFPGA technology

Flex Logix's patented interconnect, XFLX™(the subject of the Outstanding Paper award at ISSCC 2014), uses about half the area of the traditional interconnect but with very high utilization (typically over 90%.)   With more and more customers adopting Flex Logix's eFPGA Technology we are adding staff for multiple positions to meet our demand.

    Join our growing team!

You’ll learn faster, have a bigger impact and have more fun at Flex Logix.  Work with super talented software developers and hardware engineers who have worked on numerous software projects and on high volume ICs on process nodes from  6nm to 180nm. Our products are multidisciplinary: our hardware and our software are co-designed and must work together well.

We are leaders in embedded FPGA hardware and software (like ARM that enables processors to be integrated into ICs, we enable FPGA to be integrated: smaller, faster, lower power, lower cost).

We always need great people to keep up with growing customer demand.  We look for people with a proven track record, who are top performers, and who are passionate and entrepreneurial.  

We don’t care where you are from (our current team comes from North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia) but you must live now in Silicon Valley or Austin Texas and preferably be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident (have a “green card”), but we will also consider US H-1B holders or valid Canadian Work Permit.

How To Apply

Just click on the job description below to see the details and apply.  Let us know which location you prefer to work in.

Only apply if you are highly qualified, very smart, super-motivated, willing to work hard and ready to join a team that will challenge and motivate you.

Please note: Hiring all career opportunities in all locations.