Your future can take off with the explosive growth of AI Inference and eFPGA


We are hiring to keep up with customer demand for
AI Inference & eFPGA

We are financially strong

We are solidly funded and backed by strong Venture Capitalists Lux and Eclipse. We have proven our eFPGA technology in 180nm, 40nm, 28/22nm, 16nm and 12nm with TSMC and GlobalFoundries. There are more than 10 working SoCs with our technology and >>10 more in fab/design.  Our customers are very well funded organizations and companies and our technology is strategically critical to them.  Our cash in the bank and our backlog/commitments mean that we do not need to raise cash in 2020 and we can fund our AI Inference chip development and production ramp from cash flow. Our AI chip, InferX X1, benchmarks with superior price/performance on real-world neural network models customers have given us. As X1 ramps production our financial situation will be even stronger.

Join our growing team!
e have doubled in size in a year and are still hiring

You’ll learn faster, have a bigger impact and have more fun at Flex Logix.  Work with super talented software developers and hardware engineers who have worked on numerous software projects and on high volume ICs on process nodes from  7nm to 180nm. Our products are multidisciplinary: our hardware and our software are co-designed and must work together well.

We are leaders in embedded FPGA hardware and software (like ARM that enables processors to be integrated in ICs, we enable FPGA to be integrated: smaller, faster, lower power, lower cost).

And our new AI Inference hardware and software offers superior throughput per $ and per watt for Edge Inference applications. We have taped-out our first product and will be sampling customers later this summer.

We have grown fast and need more great people to keep up with growing customer demand.  We look for people with a proven track record, who are top performers, and who are passionate and entrepreneurial.  

We don’t care where you are from (our current team comes from North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia) but you must live now in Silicon Valley and preferably be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident (have a “green card”), but we will also consider H-1B holders. Also, we have multiple women team members including management.

How to Apply

Send your resumes and contact info to
Only apply if you are highly qualified, very smart, super-motivated, willing to work hard and are ready to join a team that will challenge and motivate you.