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Fast, programmable DSP IP

InferX adapts to changing workloads or multiple applications. Use for SDR, 5G, radar, industrial and more.

InferX DSP delivers ~30x the DSP throughput per mm2 of eFPGA.

In N5 29mm2 of silicon can process 68 Billion samples per second of Complex INT16 FFT from 128 to 8K samples – or do 500 Million samples/second using just 0.8 mm2 in N5. InferX is available on 40nm to 18A.

InferX is high accuracy: all accumulations are done at INT40.

InferX is programmed at a high level using Matlab Simulink with a wide library of DSP operators.

InferX is proven in silicon.  InferX DSP software and hardware is in development now for a major customer.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

InferX+EFLX with Simulink+InferX Compiler enables small, reconfigurable SDR in your SoCs.