More Throughput on Tough Models, 
less $, Less Watts


See how reconfigurability enables high efficiency inference acceleration

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InferX Software makes AI Inference easy!

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X1M allows you to put high performance AI inference anywhere

See Cheng Wang’s Linley presentation HERE. Watch the video of the presentation HERE

InferX X1 Delivers More Throughput/$ Than Tesla T4, Xavier NX and Jetson TX2


The InferX X1 Edge Inference Co-Processor is optimized for large models and megapixel images at batch=1. It’s price/performance is much better than existing edge inference solutions. InferX X1 is programmed using TensorFlow Lite and our software is easy to use.

TOPS is a misleading marketing metric. It is the number of MACs times the frequency: it is a peak number. Having a lot of MACs increases cost but only delivers throughput if the rest of the architecture is right.

The right metric to focus on is Throughput: for your model, your image size, your batch size.  Even ResNet-50 is a better indicator of throughput than TOPS (ResNet-50 is not the best benchmark because of it’s small image size: real applications process megapixel images). Inference Efficiency is achieved by getting the most throughput for the least cost (and power).

In the absence of cost information we can get a sense of throughput/$ by plotting throughput/TOPS, throughput/number of DRAMs & throughput/MB of SRAM: the most efficient architecture will need to get good throughput from each of these major cost factors. See our Inference Efficiency slides for more information.